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Focus Practice Management was founded in 2017 as a legal and professional practice management firm. Our goal is to build a new generation of legal professionals. We want to give solo practitioners the ability to use cutting edge technology, a peace of mind with tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll, and the most up to date marketing advice. We want to give entrepreneurial-minded professionals the flexibility to take risks and follow their dreams.

In today’s highly competitive legal environment, it is crucial to invest in your firm’s success, from the inside and out. The ecosystem of a law firm consists of a powerhouse team of attorneys, and a superb support team behind them. We know that successful firms are built on communication and trust within this ecosystem. With support from Focus Practice Management, we focus on creating that synergy.  

At Focus Practice Management, we offer an array of services to law firms, solo practitioners, and other licensed professionals. These services include accounting, billing, administrative support, staffing, consulting, strategic planning, IT support, marketing and business development, and office space. 

As experienced professionals, we know the challenges that licensed professionals face when starting new businesses - and we know the risks of getting things wrong. Lawyers want to be lawyers, not track down unpaid invoices. Accountants want to be accountants, not design a website. Financial advisers want to be financial advisers, not haggle with their internet providers. We want to help them focus on what matters. We want to focus on you.

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