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Focus Practice Management is a practice management company serving the administrative needs of law firms and other licensed professionals. Founded in 2017, we now service over 20 attorneys in the Rochester, NY area.

As experienced professionals, we know the challenges that licensed professionals face when starting new businesses - and we know the risks of getting things wrong. Lawyers want to be lawyers, not track down unpaid invoices. Accountants want to be accountants, not design a website. Financial advisers want to be financial advisers, not haggle with their internet providers. We want to help them focus on what matters. We want to take care of the things. We want to focus on you.


Focus is able to provide a number of services for our clients based on their needs, including: 

  • Accounting & Billing

  • Administrative Support & Staffing

  • Consulting & Strategic Planning

  • IT Support

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Office, Conferencing, & File Storage Space

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